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Knowledge Transfer

Training - Request Information

Vector Strategies provides hands-on training courses to allow our clients to fully leverage the core components of Theory of Constraints based applications to maximize their return on investment.

Leveraged Management Metrics (LM2) Workshop (2 days) - Request Information

The Measurements and Metrics course, also known as Leveraged Management Metrics (LM2) compares and contrasts the various types of management accounting, such as ABC, EVM, DoD accounting, and traditional cost accounting, and introduces the organization to Throughput Accounting, the TOC solution to aligning all measurements and metrics in the organization towards meeting its goal. Lively and eye-opening interactive discussions cover all areas: financials, budgets, operational, performance and conformal metrics and more.

Integrated Enterprise Scheduling (IES) Overview (3 days) - Request Information

IES is the unified scheduling algorithm for project management, production and distribution requirements in an organization. It solves the long standing dilemma of having to generate stand alone schedules for individual parts of the organization vis a vis producing a synchronized schedule, thus, providing the most benefit across the enterprise. This course describes how IES synchronizes scheduling and yet provides significant protection against variability across shops, geographic locations and even business units, resulting in greater on-time delivery performance than ever before possible.

Integrated Enterprise Scheduling (IES) Extended Training (5 days) - Request Information

An expansion of the 3-day IES course, this course focuses more closely on how to recognize the difference between projects and production and know which application to apply-and on the connections between applications-how to tailor Buffer Management to an IES environment. This course is invaluable for the organization that wants to fully integrate and synchronize all schedules across the enterprise

Drum-Buffer-Rope (DBR) Basic Training (2 days) - Request Information

Drum-Buffer-Rope is the TOC Solution for scheduling in a repetitive or job-shop manufacturing or re-manufacturing environment. During the two day course the student will learn the answers to the questions, "What is Drum-Buffer-Rope and why do we need it?" "How will it affect me?" "What will I have to do differently from today?" and, "How can I contribute to DBR's success?" The classroom environment replicates a generic organization by the use of computer simulations to illustrate DBR concepts.

Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) Basic Training (2 days) - Request Information

This program is for organizations looking to improve reliable delivery of projects while meeting budget, quality and original scope requirements. Utilizing a combination of exercises, interactive discussions and simulations, participants reach an understanding on the current problems within the multi-project environment. Participants then discover the few key changes that will significantly improve the project management performance of an organization.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) Basic Training (2 days) - Request Information

From supplier to factory, factory to distributor, distributor to reseller, reseller to consumer - regardless of the link in the supply chain, the right materials, parts, products or services must be available at the right place at the right time. TOC methodology can be used to optimize the movement and availability of materials along the entire supply chain, thus keeping inventories to a minimum while keeping response to customer orders at a maximum. TOC provides the best answer to supply chain questions because it focuses on the constraints, or limiting factors, in the chain.

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