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Logistical Solutions
Critical Chain Project Management

Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) is perhaps the best known of all the TOC applications.

Applying Constraints Management techniques to projects, CCPM helps insure that to the greatest extent possible, projects come in on schedule and on budget.

CCPM helps eliminate the multitasking that results in resource contention. It buffers the project against variability and uncertainty, while at the same time reduces the length of many projects.

The Critical Chain is the longest chain of task and resource dependencies. CCPM identifies crucial tasks feeding the Critical Path, creating a new point of focus — the Critical Chain.

What's more, most organizations do not do projects in isolation, but rather have multiple projects in planning and execution at the same time.

Vector Strategies focus is therefore optimizing across projects, to enhance the throughput of the entire organization, rather than treating projects in isolation.

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