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TOC Insights

The TOC Insights is an interactive (Q&A with text & animations) web course type presentation which is available in a download or web-based version.

After over one-and-a-half years Dr. Eliyahu M Goldratt and Avraham (Rami) Goldratt have completed the TOC INSIGHTS covering all the aspects of logistics (Operations; Finance and Measurements; Project Management and Engineering; Distribution and Supply-Chain).


  • Outline the details of all the logistical application of the Theory Of Constraints, but are as digestible as The Goal;
  • Give the entire common sense logic, but are short;
  • Are enticing to TOC novices, still an eye opener to TOC experts;
  • Are self-learning materials which are also ideal for teaching groups.

You will find that the TOC INSIGHTS deepen the understanding of TOC beyond the limited knowledge available in the books!

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