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Holistic Approach
Leveraged Enterprise Managementâ„¢ - A True Holistic Approach

Coupling your intuition and knowledge of your business with Vector Strategies' holistic approach dramatically improves the performance of your organization’s value chain. And of course improved value chain performance brings more of your goal whether its profits, health, education, charitable causes or a nation’s defense.


Our holistic approach, Leveraged Enterprise Management™, contains Theory of Constraints (TOC) solution elements such as Critical Chain Project Management, Thinking Processes, Drum Buffer Rope, Strategy, Metrics including Throughput Accounting, Distribution and Marketing. Any one of these elements, or a combination of them, may be applied to improve your organization's value chain and each have been harmonized with the other elements.

Click on any wheel segment graphic for information regarding particular components of the Leveraged Enterprise Management™ solution.

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