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Strategic Solutions
Strategic Business Analysis

The Strategic Business Analysis is intended for the senior leadership team of an organization. Its purpose is to identify and define the path to rapid, quantum improvement in an organization’s performance and profitability. Vector Strategies own senior leadership will facilitate and lead the effort.

The TOC Thinking Processes are used to demonstrate the devastating effects current specific policies, measures and behaviors are having on achieving the company's business objectives. Executives will learn to understand how to effectively address the systemic problems of their organization. They will start to understand the cause and effect relationship that exists between the different parts of their system.

The team will also understand the importance of evaluating the individual pieces of the organization in terms of their contribution to the whole. This leads to identifying the core conflict(s) responsible for the majority of the undesirable effects of the existing system. A clear picture of how these negative effects are connected will emerge, a necessary condition that will show what needs to be changed in order for significant improvement to take place.

The team will construct a value added chain that shows the money or provided services flowing through the business. They will clearly see where the company's throughput is being constrained. Clarity on how their problems are all connected and responsible for impeding an increase in throughput will be achieved. This is crucial and the key to reaching consensus on what improvements must be put in place.

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