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Knowledge Transfer

Education - Request Information

Vector Strategies provides educational classes in a variety of Theory of Constraints topics.

Theory of Constraints Overview (1 day) - Request InformationThis course covers the basic, foundational knowledge of TOC required by any organization that wishes to embark on a TOC-based Process of On-Going Improvement. Students will be given a brief history of TOC and its developments and advancements over the past two decades.

Students will also be introduced to the basic ideas of TOC, including the importance of the organization's goal, a systemic approach to improvement, local optimization vs. global optimization, the Five Focusing Steps, time buffers, protective capacity, and constraints management.

Jonah 21 ProgramJonah 21 TOC Thinking Processes Program (7-8 days)- Request Information - Download Brochure

This program is for organizations that want to address their toughest problems, but have so far failed to resolve them even after years of effort. The Jonah 21 TOC Thinking Processes Program is based on the Theory of Constraints suite of tools and applications, and is aimed at solving the core problem and all its derived symptoms.

The student will learn to use cause-and-effect logic in this journey. Some of the cause-and-effect tools he or she will learn include the Current Reality Tree, the Evaporating Cloud, the Future Reality Tree, the Prerequisite Tree, and the Transition Tree.

This program is designed to give a thorough understanding of the TOC Thinking Processes and how to apply them to ANY problem. As part of the course, the student will address one of his/her actual problems - preferably one in which no solution is currently apparent.

Download a brochure for more information.

Problem Solving Tools (5 days) - Request Information


The Problem Solving Tools (PST) course teaches the organization how to quickly define core conflicts (causes) which create a high percentage of its problems (effects). It also shows how to determine the direction of the solution, refine and complete the solution, trim out un-intended side effects, and construct a step by step sequenced plan implementing the solution. Finally, it helps the organization determine the minimum amount of time, money and resources to implement the solution; and empowers others to take an active role in bringing the changes about.

Drum-Buffer-Rope (DBR) Advanced Education (8-10 days) - Request Information

The Drum-Buffer-Rope (DBR) Advanced Course is intended for the organization that desires to implement and sustain DBR, and to create home-grown TOC and DBR proficiency for the long haul. To this end Vector Strategies has developed an extensive course, covering Drum-Buffer Rope in great detail.

During the course, the student will:

  • Learn to fully understand Traditional Drum-Buffer-Rope and its applications
  • Learn to understand Simplified Drum-Buffer-Rope (S-DBR) and when to use it
  • Have the tools to teach the 2-day DBR User Training Workshop
  • Have the tools to lead an implementation of DBR or S-DBR
  • Learn how to use legacy systems such as MRP II in concert with DBR
  • Learn how to integrate DBR with other TOC applications such as Critical Chain Project Management and TOC Distribution and Replenishment
  • Be equipped to identify and overcome obstacles in the way of achieving results
  • Learn methods for obtaining buy-in and support for adopting DBR methodology

Students use computer simulations to gain an even deeper understanding of DBR concepts. DBR Advanced Education is an excellent foundation for developing true DBR proficiency. The student will understand how to identify the misalignment of policies, measurements and behaviors that is prevalent in most organizations.

Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) Advanced Education (8-10 days) - Request Information

This program is designed to educate and train participants on the methodology for implementing Critical Chain within an organization. Critical Chain methodology has been proven to significantly transform the performance of an organization.

Program deliverables-within their organization participants will:

  • Be able to identify and explain the cause of the common problems experienced in today's project environment
  • Be able to determine when to release projects
  • Be able to create Critical Chain schedules
  • Be equipped to customize Critical Chain for their particular environment
  • Be equipped to identify and overcome obstacles in the way of achieving results
  • Learn methods for obtaining buy-in and support for adopting Critical Chain methodology
  • Be given the tools to train others in the Critical Chain methodology
  • Have a foundation to implement the Critical Chain solution the throughout company
  • Learn how to achieve Critical Chain sustainability in the organization

Supply Chain Management Advanced Education (8-10 days) - Request Information

This course covers the optimization of the entire supply chain utilizing TOC methodologies including Vector Strategies' own Integrated Enterprise Scheduling (IES) which synchronizes all schedules across an entire enterprise, whether they be related to projects, production and manufacturing, inventory, or distribution and replenishment. Supply Chain Management the TOC Way helps insure, to a greater extent than ever before, that the right materials, parts, products or services are available at the right place at the right time, at any point along the Supply Chain.

IES Advanced Education (8-10 days) - Request Information

An extensive course covering all aspects of Integrated Enterprise Scheduling, this offering is for potential internal TOC consultants and for mid-to senior level management who intend to oversee an IES implementation. The course contains much of the Critical Chain, DBR and Distribution and Replenishment Advanced Education content. It focuses closely on managing the implementation — including how to recognize the difference between projects and production and know which application to apply in which areas—and on the connections between applications—how to tailor Buffer Management to an IES environment. This course is invaluable for the organization that wants to fully integrate and synchronize all schedules across the enterprise.


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