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Logistical Solutions
Integrated Enterprise Scheduling (IES®)

Integrated Enterprise Scheduling® (IES®) is the unified scheduling algorithm for synchronizing project management, production operations, and distribution / replenishment requirements across an entire enterprise. It solves the long-standing dilemma of having to generate standalone schedules for individual parts of the organization.

What's more, IES® allows an organization to synchronize schedules across divisions and geographic locations, even when a common business system is not in place.

In the scheduling phases all potentially constraining resources in the enterprise are identified and leveraged to optimize the work flowing through them. This is crucial and the key to producing the greatest throughput. Therefore, the IES® engine coordinates project, production and distribution schedules by leveraging the constraints and synchronizing their efforts.

IES® provides powerful and extremely effective tools for managing the inevitable variation encountered while executing the schedules. No longer restricted to continuously reacting and fire-fighting, managers are given ample warning and visibility to the potential impact the variation may have on delivery dates. In most cases the disturbance is quickly identified before jeopardizing the schedule’s control limits and corrective action can be taken. It allows management to know when they have to take action and if so precisely where they have to intervene.

Of equal importance is now having real time access to information indicating when the system or schedule is in control and no action is required.

Integrated Enterprise Scheduling® is not dependent on any particular software, and can be implemented with existing legacy, MRP II or ERP systems.

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